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Travel is such a precious purchase. Part relaxation, part education, part life-enriching experience, it can be the culmination of a lifelong dream. Here are reasons why Green canal Travel is the best choice to deliver on your expectations.


We’re delighted to be supporter for national travel industry development and known for being best specialists. Start-ups are great in the tech industry, but personal connections and in-depth regional knowledge take time.


Over 75% of our business is repeat or referral, a testament to our substance. It’s something we’ve earned over time, and we thank our travelers for spreading the word.


We are proud to work with top travel organisation such as JATA…. It’s a testament to the high quality of our services.


Enjoy toll-free phone and email access to an expert Travel Specialist, and reading, medical, cultural, packing and insurance information. We’ve got an open-door policy and all necessary ducks in a row.


We’re in constant contact with our in-country partners while you’re traveling. If something should go wrong with your health, well being or arrangements we’re on it. Peace of mind is a priceless commodity, included in every Green Canal Travels trip.

No Regrets:

You might only visit a destination once in your life; make sure you do it right. No spin. No gimmicks. Just a group of experts at a quality company, ready to deliver on a promise.

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